“He prunes.” ~John 15:2

Don’t you just love when Jesus uses props you can see & touch? Trees, vines, branches, bread, rivers, mustard seeds, pearls, rivers, treasures…fruit. He uses all our senses to bring us to our senses. 

We won’t bear fruit without being pruned. It’s simple, straightforward. Too much stuff crowds out the sun. We need airflow to reach deep inside. Tending strong branches helps us bare the weight of heavy, healthy fruit. We can’t always see or reach what’s dead and diseased—so…He prunes.

Pruning is rebuking.

Proverbs says poverty and shame comes to the scoffer who ignores reproof. The one who hates correction, despises his own soul. In him nothing good grows.

The wise welcomes the Pruner because He takes away to make way for knowledge, honor, discernment, understanding, blessing, and wisdom. 

Lord, turn us at Your rebuke and make us wise.

Published by JoAnn

It amazes me how a few words can change a life.

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