“Every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 1:3

Does Monday feel like a mountain to you? Does it look like the start of a race you haven’t the legs for? We don’t have to roll this way. If our schedule owns us, it’s because we’ve paid into it. Our pride buys the lie that we are everything to everyone—when that is God’s job.  

God loves you. And the only thing He asks of you is to abide, trust, walk humbly with Him.

If it sounds too good to be true—welcome to the goodness of God! 

Does this mean everything you want done, gets done? Does this mean all things run like a well oiled machine? Not even close. It means your mind is about to be transformed. It means God is going to renew your intent.

You see, we often think if we just work harder our lives will eventually run easier. And that is the biggest lie from the deepest darkness. Adding more to our plates has only pushed us further from grace.

Every spiritual blessing in heaven is ours when we repent and believe the goodness of God.  

Published by JoAnn

Words are my thing. The Word is my world.

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