“The temple of His body.” John 2:21

Remember the work that went into the temple in the Old Testament? In 1 Kings 6 the building begins. And the Lord’s attention to detail blows my mind every time! Every cubits width, length, height, depth from corner to corner was measured and recorded. Windows had recessed frames, outside offsets were made because there was to be no supporting beams inserted into the walls. Stone was prepared at the quarry because neither hammer or ax was to be heard in the house while it was being built. Not only did the Lord draw up the plans, He had very specific orders how the work was to be done.

Why? Why would God care so much about a temple doomed to destruction? Did God expend His energy because He loved gold and fine purple linen? Was He hoping to entertain politicians, high ranking religious, famous musicians like Elton John? Clearly not.

The Lord built the temple just so—because Jesus was that temple. And every believer after Him was destined to be another stone within Him. Completely surrounded by the length, width, depth, height of His love, supported by the pure blood of His sacrifice, safe at home within the power of His Holy Spirit—born again into perfection. 

“In Him you also are being built together into a dwelling place for God by the Spirit.” (Eph 2:22)

Published by JoAnn

It amazes me how a few words can change a life.

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