“The heavens were opened to Him.” Matthew 3:16

Jesus shows us what happens when we repent and our passion turns to God. Heaven opens! We who were dead in trespass and sin are alive again! Our hearts open to the adoring arms of God! Upon those who sat in the shadow of death light has dawned!

Isn’t rescue from our emptiness what we’ve searched for our entire lives? We tried filling our hearts by filling our hands, thought we could embody beauty if we stood in the perfect place? But look, how all that faded faster than it took to get there.

Jesus went up from the waters of obedience and the Father was pleased to lead Him through the wilderness. Haven’t we slept long enough under the American dream? The lie that we’re all fine, and the world’s problems will work themselves out. And aren’t we sick of sitting in fear as if we have no answers here?

Jesus cleanses us from lies and fear with truth and righteousness. When we get in the water with Him, heaven opens for us. 

Published by JoAnn

It amazes me how a few words can change a life.

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