“The Son of Man has power on earth to forgive sins.” Matthew 9:6

During tough days I sometimes ask the Lord, “Why don’t You heal everyone who comes to You, the way You did in Capernaum?”

“But that you may know the Son of Man has power on earth to forgive sins.” It was right there in black and white all this time. That you may know. 

Every word God inspired to have written is for our knowing His salvation — so we could have answers to life and death questions. Our Father knows what we need long before we ask Him.

That you may know, dear one.

Jesus healed a paralytic in front of unbelieving eyes answering our most crippling, life-threatening affliction, sin. 

Repent and believe — and your everlivin’ soul will get up and walk forevermore.

Published by JoAnn

It amazes me how a few words can change a life.

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