“Narrow is the gate.” Matthew 7:14

At first glance it sounds like more work, doesn’t it? “Narrow is the gate girls and boys. Better get your act together. Start walking the straight and narrow or you’ll never enter heaven.”

No, dear one. Trying our hardest to earn our place in heaven ushers us through the wide gate. Hoping we’ve led a  good enough life is actually the broad road — where most people go. 

Jesus is the gate. And the thought of our sin being irreconcilable without His blood sacrifice… is too narrow a concept to accept. Surely we’re better than that. Murderers and thieves, by all means, but hardworking peacekeeping me?

We’ve all had a hand in breaking God’s law, and because of that, vengeance is pursuing us, and will certainly overtake us… if we don’t fly to Christ and find shelter in Him. [paraphrased clip from a Charles Spurgeon sermon.]

Entrance through The Gate is free to all who believe.

Published by JoAnn

It amazes me how a few words can change a life.

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