“Prove yourself a man.” 1 Kings 2:2

Proud voices shout what makes a boy a man.

Our eyes wholly tricked by muscle, hair, and skin, which quickly pass away like chaff in the wind. For the height of man cannot be measured by the size of his clothes, but clearly understood by the direction that he walks. He doesn’t worry himself over sharp shoes or fast cars but keeps himself busy carrying out the Lord’s charge. He prospers not by possessions that he collects but proves his worth by statutes, commandments, and judgements that he keeps.

He doesn’t bully with his fists, won’t slander with his lips. His mouth ever filling with the fruit of righteousness.

Look to Jesus for the model of a man! Grace and truth spilled from His heart and hands. Gentle and lowly He served his fellow man. No pride or arrogance pushed His weight around, but in humility He obeyed the Father, even to the cross.

“Don’t be impressed with charisma, look for character.” Matthew 7:16 MSG

Published by JoAnn

It amazes me how a few words can change a life.

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