“God divided the light from the darkness.” Genesis 1:4

I’d never seen Jesus in the first words of the Bible, till today.

There He was—the light of a dark world. And He was good.

God hovered and saw Day and Night, land and sea, herb and fruit. He saw every beast and creeping thing. And God saw you, and God saw me—every single boy and girl that would ever be the children of His love.

And God saw His Son. The One shining light to face the deepest dark of our one dark heart. The Light to overcome what we could never bear to see. 

My fingers scrolling words on the page, the light piercing what my heart could see no other way. In all the things God spoke as good in Genesis chapter one—darkness was not one of them. 

“And God saw the light, that it was good; and God divided the light from darkness.”

Published by JoAnn

It amazes me how a few words can change a life.

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