“He sat down and taught them.” ~John 8:2

I couldn’t move from this line in scripture. Froze like a deer in bright lights.

Imagine…the Creator, man-Maker, sky painter, mountain remover sitting…with you.

All the things we think God needs to do, and He chose you.

Jesus didn’t come to build skyscrapers, engineer the smartest phone. He wasn’t interested in land, houses, first impressions.

He lowered Himself next to you. Teaches you everything you need to know. Gives, is, all you’ll ever need.

Imagine sitting with Him now. Hearing Him speak, teach, laugh, console, showing you how wide and alive His love goes for you.

The One who is not of this world, reduced Himself to the world, empowering us to overcome the world.

Have a seat before your Savior. Delight in a heart-to-heart with the Father who knows yours better than you.

Published by JoAnn

It amazes me how a few words can change a life.

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