“Ask in faith, with no doubting.” James 1:6

Some thoughts about wisdom, faith, and doubt.

James speaks of praying for wisdom. “If any of you lacks wisdom, ask.” However, without faith—we need not expect wisdom from God.

Should I take the job? Save my money? Offer my help? Pay the price? Every day we’re faced with decisions like these and wisdom is the key. If we’re being honest, we need wisdom more than anything. Problem is more often than I like to admit, I asked God for wisdom having already made up my mind. See how easily we can be deceived? James calls this double-minded, unstable, in fact.

I’m asking God, in faith, is doubt a warning sign with this kind of deception? How do we navigate through doubt?

Before making that final decision, beloved, ask the Spirit of truth if there be any doubts lingering. Am I putting my faith in You, God, or am I trying to justify my own way?

Published by JoAnn

It amazes me how a few words can change a life.

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