“Loose him and let him go.” ~John 11:44

My shoulders let go reading it this morning. Already the day barging in, binding me hand & foot. Freedom like this need never be missed. The voice of the Lord calling to us, the ones He loves. For He Himself is our peace, strength, our defense, our exceedingly great reward. By the power of HisContinue reading ““Loose him and let him go.” ~John 11:44″

“He prunes.” ~John 15:2

Don’t you just love when Jesus uses props you can see & touch? Trees, vines, branches, bread, rivers, mustard seeds, pearls, rivers, treasures…fruit. He uses all our senses to bring us to our senses.  We won’t bear fruit without being pruned. It’s simple, straightforward. Too much stuff crowds out the sun. We need airflow toContinue reading ““He prunes.” ~John 15:2″

“Not as the world gives do I give to you.” -John 14:27 

Many times we need the Holy Spirit to explain.  I’m reading the words and they make sense but not impacting my heart. It’s like knowing you need to eat vegetables but can’t understand how something so bland could actually make you happy.  We need salt. This is how Eugene Peterson interprets this passage of scripture, andContinue reading ““Not as the world gives do I give to you.” -John 14:27 “

“ I will do it.” ~John 15:14 

Like a know-it-all kid I challenged God on His promise. “You said You’d do whatever I asked!”—door slam, silent treatment. Selective hearing is the kingpin of every teenager’s tumultuous existence.  I heard it this morning. Written in red. It’s been there since Jesus said it. Since the day I was born again, I read rightContinue reading ““ I will do it.” ~John 15:14 “