“No room for them in the inn.” ~Luke 2:7

This fascinates me. There was no room for Jesus on earth. God, who literally made heaven and earth had no place to lay His own head.  Why didn’t God land here in glory? Wouldn’t the world be more inclined to believe Jesus if He had come like Michael Jordan or Fred Rogers? His brothers whined about the veryContinue reading ““No room for them in the inn.” ~Luke 2:7″

“Of His kingdom there will be no end.” Luke 1:33 

It can seem there be no end to our losses. From our very birth we lose the nourishment, protection, warmth of a mother’s womb. Looking back in the wake of life a steady stream of endings follow. Friendships, security, trust, dreams, hopes, the very lives of the people we’ve loved so dearly. All these lossesContinue reading ““Of His kingdom there will be no end.” Luke 1:33 “

“My peace I give to you.” ~John 14:27

Do you know Peace? Not like peace and quiet. Not the peace we get when the house is clean, work is through, kids go to school. I’m not talking about when wars end and peace is declared. Not the peace we ordinarily think—the peace that sinks where no man can reach. Jesus is peace like sunContinue reading ““My peace I give to you.” ~John 14:27″

“I called upon the name of the Lord.” ~Psalm 116:4

Like king David, our soul has serious enemies.  The pangs of death surround us. In our darkest hours—even lay hold of us. Trouble and sorrow pursue like ravenous wolves. Yet, when our cries arrive in the ears of our Lord our soul’s enemies run in fear. Has death left? Did trouble and sorrow cease? NotContinue reading ““I called upon the name of the Lord.” ~Psalm 116:4”

“…according to our law…” ~John 19:7

The Pharisees came up with laws of their own. What they believed God would want. Have you ever done that? Changed the rules of trust to justify talking behind someone’s back? Rearranged the wording on generosity to build bigger barns? Made exceptions for yourself and condemned another for the very same thing? Raised your expectationsContinue reading ““…according to our law…” ~John 19:7”