“He prunes.” ~John 15:2

Don’t you just love when Jesus uses props you can see & touch? Trees, vines, branches, bread, rivers, mustard seeds, pearls, rivers, treasures…fruit. He uses all our senses to bring us to our senses.  We won’t bear fruit without being pruned. It’s simple, straightforward. Too much stuff crowds out the sun. We need airflow toContinue reading ““He prunes.” ~John 15:2″

“Not as the world gives do I give to you.” -John 14:27 

Many times we need the Holy Spirit to explain.  I’m reading the words and they make sense but not impacting my heart. It’s like knowing you need to eat vegetables but can’t understand how something so bland could actually make you happy.  We need salt. This is how Eugene Peterson interprets this passage of scripture, andContinue reading ““Not as the world gives do I give to you.” -John 14:27 “

“ I will do it.” ~John 15:14 

Like a know-it-all kid I challenged God on His promise. “You said You’d do whatever I asked!”—door slam, silent treatment. Selective hearing is the kingpin of every teenager’s tumultuous existence.  I heard it this morning. Written in red. It’s been there since Jesus said it. Since the day I was born again, I read rightContinue reading ““ I will do it.” ~John 15:14 “

“I will come to you.” ~John 14:17 

Feeling tired of feeling today. It’s been an emotional couple of days. Praying, reading but my eyes are sagging, begging to stay closed. As much as the Lord commands us to love—He loves us a million times more. We have permission, as John did, to rest our heads on His bosom.  In fact, without thisContinue reading ““I will come to you.” ~John 14:17 “

“I do not speak concerning all of you.” ~John 13:18

We need never take it into our own hands what others need to hear from Jesus. God speaks for Himself. Our mouth, lips belong to Him. Jesus said, “I listen, then I decide.” He spoke as He heard from the Father…not as He felt compelled by His flesh, or pressed by friends. Oh, this isContinue reading ““I do not speak concerning all of you.” ~John 13:18″

“They loved the praise of men.” ~John 12:43

What a self-destructive love. One driven by performance you can’t keep up. Based on appearances that fizzle in trouble, personal gain you can’t take with you. A love without a future, devoid of any comfort, like a child without its mother. Which is more valuable to you…the world’s approval or the Lord’s delight? Whichever weContinue reading ““They loved the praise of men.” ~John 12:43″

“They know his voice.” ~John 10:4

Voices shout for our attention. Anything to grab from the Shepherd’s intention. To care, guide, protect the sheep. The voice of the Shepherd is also the door. The exit of an unkept pasture. Where light is shut up and showers are not welcome. Where abundance is forbidden. The sheep know the uniqueness of the Shepherd’sContinue reading ““They know his voice.” ~John 10:4″

“Go, wash in the pool of Siloam.” ~John 9:7

Why does Jesus go through this process of spitting, making clay, anointing the eyes, and sending the blind man to wash? Why not speak it, and make it so? Why not touch and heal this time? Why 4 steps? Spitting, making, anointing, sending. I don’t get it. Here’s where the Holy Spirit reveals. Right hereContinue reading ““Go, wash in the pool of Siloam.” ~John 9:7″

“He sat down and taught them.” ~John 8:2

I couldn’t move from this line in scripture. Froze like a deer in bright lights. Imagine…the Creator, man-Maker, sky painter, mountain remover sitting…with you. All the things we think God needs to do, and He chose you. Jesus didn’t come to build skyscrapers, engineer the smartest phone. He wasn’t interested in land, houses, first impressions.Continue reading ““He sat down and taught them.” ~John 8:2″

“But this He spoke concerning the Spirit.” ~John 7:39

Thirst is something we may not be aware of before it’s too late. Our inner organs straining to keep up without sufficient water. We tire, lose sleep, grow agitated, become susceptible to illness and disease. The Holy Spirit is springs of water to our inner being. We needn’t walk this life plagued with uncertainty, doubt,Continue reading ““But this He spoke concerning the Spirit.” ~John 7:39″

“It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing.” ~John 6:63

The bible speaks of two lives. One sustained by blood flow, another resurrected by Blood that flowed. It’s a struggle, to say the least—following the Spirit. Feeling conviction this morning for my salty attitude last night toward my best friend. (The man I want to love.) I get lost in the word “flesh”—as if myContinue reading ““It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing.” ~John 6:63″