“They neither listened nor obeyed.” 2 Kings 18:12

Heart check. Are you listening to the Lord? Are you obeying? Because God is Spirit we can be drawn away easily, start to think He’s not even listening. Don’t fall for this. The Lord is near to those who call on His name. I’ll say it again (for my own sake). The Lord is nearContinue reading ““They neither listened nor obeyed.” 2 Kings 18:12″

“Drink.” John 7:37

I spent a month in Rwanda in 2016. Among other unforgettable things, God showed me the value of water. Most don’t have water that pours from one faucet, let alone seven. Women and men are seen carrying containers, lugging gallons of water up and down steep hills all day long. They must travel by footContinue reading ““Drink.” John 7:37″

“There is a boy.” John 6:9

We can think our lives too small. Reduce ourselves to mere flesh and bone. If I could just kick the winning goal, impress enough friends, climb the tallest tree…then I’d surely taste greatness. Wishes like this don’t even brush up against your significance my dear sweet friend. We’ve got to think deeper, wider, higher thanContinue reading ““There is a boy.” John 6:9″

“Unless one is born of water and the Spirit.” John 3:5

I could camp in John chapter 3 for the rest of my life. This encounter with Nico (Nicodemus) is priceless. “We know that you are a teacher come from God,” Nico says to the God Man. And Jesus replies with these puzzling, yet profound, words, “Unless one is born of water and the Spirit heContinue reading ““Unless one is born of water and the Spirit.” John 3:5″

“The temple of His body.” John 2:21

Remember the work that went into the temple in the Old Testament? In 1 Kings 6 the building begins. And the Lord’s attention to detail blows my mind every time! Every cubits width, length, height, depth from corner to corner was measured and recorded. Windows had recessed frames, outside offsets were made because there wasContinue reading ““The temple of His body.” John 2:21″