“The king listened to them.” 2 Chronicles 24:17

It’s often a gradual, seductive turn. We come to a crossroad, a challenge, a loss and start listening to people’s advice. We can feel desperate to realign the course we are on when the future suddenly looks different. This is not the time to abandon God. This is the moment we cling tighter than weContinue reading ““The king listened to them.” 2 Chronicles 24:17″

“When they began to sing and praise.” 2 Chronicles 20:22

I didn’t know what to do. Feeling pulled in a thousand directions, I started cursing, yelling at the tiniest details of every-day life. All the inessentials, niceties, trivial stuff that won’t mean a hill’a beans in the end. Is anyone going to notice dried rosemary in their soup as opposed to fresh? Must every flowerContinue reading ““When they began to sing and praise.” 2 Chronicles 20:22″

“Inquire first for the word of the Lord.” 2 Chronicles 18:4

I can’t count the decisions I’ve made in haste. Choices to go, stay, do, take, give without a single inquiry of what God—who alone is wise—would have me do. As if I haven’t made a million wrong moves! I’m tired of me, friends—because I’ve done it again. Opened my mouth to do something that appearsContinue reading ““Inquire first for the word of the Lord.” 2 Chronicles 18:4″

“Without the true God.” 2 Chronicles 15:3

Distress is a warning signal that we need God. Better communication skills, a change of scenery, a tighter budget, increased exercise, refocused goals, diet changes will not bring the peace we so desperately seek. These may be a result of our turning to God—but they are not the true God. This morning I need toContinue reading ““Without the true God.” 2 Chronicles 15:3″

“Teach us to number our days.” Psalm 90:12

What a grave eternity awaits those who hold in highest regard numbers of years, friends, income, efforts, abilities—shrugging off the inner treasure of everlasting wisdom the Author of life offers to those who love Him. Let us not forget the words of 130-year-old Jacob, whom God renamed Israel. A deceitful man he was until theContinue reading ““Teach us to number our days.” Psalm 90:12″