Morning Manna Is Moving & Why We Needn’t Be Afraid of Change

The nature of sanctification is soul transformation.

We all resist change. Truth be known—we like things as they are. Oh, I know, we say we want renewal, we vote differently, we shop for new, we relocate, we trade this routine for that—but even the habit of trying the latest can come from a heart afraid of change. 

Blogging for me began in 2009, and what a blessing it’s been connecting  with new and old friends through words on a page! Truly, God has used blogging to change the way I view the world, others, myself, His majesty. I can’t see myself ever quitting, but I have seen my heart transforming.

My love, desire, excitement for the words of God have only increased since starting Morning Manna. This practice of reading and writing has opened me up to hear more from the God I love—because meditating on truth that stops us in our tracks changes us from the inside out.

All that to say, Morning Manna is moving. I’m not changing the name, only the address. To keep receiving Morning Manna in your mailbox, head over to and Subscribe. It’s as easy as that. If you already subscribe to, you needn’t do a thing—we’re all set to connect. It’s a sort of meshing of the two together, but more weekly (sometimes daily) meditations and less blogging. 

When we seek Jesus first our soul is never in danger of staying the same.


Published by JoAnn

It amazes me how a few words can change a life.

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